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Pierre-Olivier Lantin, known under the artist name Gary Bla Bla, wondered one day what would be the name of Lady Gaga in the masculine, and it gave "Gary Bla Bla". Born in 1989 in Laval, he grew up in a very musical family where there was a song for every occasion. Despite his interest in music of all styles, it was first in team sports that he found his first niche. He played football for 17 years and won four consecutive junior-major championships as a coach.


It was around the age of 14 that he wrote his first texts, but it was at 19 that he presented his first song. It was also at this time that he met Kevin Benitez who is now his director. They share the stage together for two years and then take a break from music while keeping their friendship intact. He then began a career as an auxiliary nurse in the operating room. Artistically, he felt at a crossroads; he believed that he had nothing more to contribute, to say, as much in his creations as in the music industry. He wanted to take a step back to better situate himself artistically.


Seven years later, in 2017, he decided to relaunch his career and reconnected with Kevin. Three singles will be released from this collaboration, under the label "Les Disques Now" (Mc12, Kristopher Bracken, PETiTOM, Pelch, Dee, FREDE and many others).


It is with his song "Oh Mama" in collaboration with PETiTOM released in May 2021 that we discover him. This title was an immediate success on digital platforms and to date has more than sixty thousand streams in total and is playing in more than 21 radio stations in four provinces. It was named #2 in the Top 10 Songs of Summer 2021 by Salut Bonjour and was even part of their "Formula Weekend".

It was then that he decided to take off with his sidekick Kevin by launching a second song in August 2021 entitled "Everyone" which toured more than 24 radio stations. It was then that he met Annick Mailloux from Productions Fényx and decided to join her team.


Nous remercions musicaction et le CALQ pour leur soutient

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