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Kat Dion is an Alternative Synth-Pop singer-songwriter. Born on February 27, 1999 in Lévis, Quebec, she has been composing since the age of 14 and singing since the age of 6. His musical training is largely self-taught in addition to some piano and vocal lessons during his teenage years. In 2019, Kat Dion began her career as an independent artist with her first English title entitled 

“Tarantino”. The artist is particularly interested in the mediums of the arts of music and cinema and in particular began to practice theater and the game of the camera in 2013. Inspired by the universe of the 1980s which intrigued him since his At a young age, artists such as Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Madonna and Kate Bush were a big influence in her journey. In the summer of 2019, Kat Dion participated in the She Is The One competition, which offered her the opportunity to perform on a stage at the Bluesfest Festival in Ottawa. The following year, she released her first English-language EP called "Movie Star", a collection of songs partly written during her stay in Los Angeles, California. Ludovic Roy, French director, then decided to take part in the project avec  with the help of his production “Selene Production”.

Kat Dion then participated in the Québec En Scène competition in 2020 and was then discovered Véronique
Labbé (Laurence St-Martin, Chad, Ian Couture) and Samuel Busque (Noir Silence, Gabriella). With his news
team, the singer-songwriter is currently working on a French-language EP alongside the
director Louis Côté (Shy'm, K-Maro), still influenced by his favorite decade.

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