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SUNNY, whose real name is Sunny Christopher St-Hillien Boisvert, is a 23-year-old professional dancer from Montreal. Starting very young in the artistic world, Sunny always knew that music would take a big place in his life since his father, Davy Boisvert, is himself a professional dancer and singer. 


It is through dance that Sunny carves out a place for herself in this milieu. In 2009, at the age of 12, he took his first dance class. Three years later, he chained television contracts on the airwaves of TVA, Radio-Canada, Vrak, etc.


It is his perseverance that leads him to rank among the best dancers in Quebec. In 2015, he reached the 10th rank in the world with his dance troupe STEEZ at the international championship in San Diego. Sunny also makes it to the semi-final of the famous Revolution show in 2018 on TVA.


It was in adulthood that Sunny made the decision to focus solely on dancing and teaching. At the same time, singing added to his passions. It was in 2016 that he landed his first role as a singer and dancer in the famous musical Mary Poppins. Thereafter, he continues with the successful musicals Foot Loose and Mamma Mia.


Very close to his eight brothers and sisters, Sunny aspires to live from his passion as long as possible to show his family that with passion and hard work, anything is possible. As he puts it so well; DREAM BIG!


Thanks to the CALQ for supporting Sunny's project! 

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Dernière Danse, le tout premier single de Sunny

Tu peux ajouter le single Dernière danse à ta playlist en cliquant sur la pochette. 

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Vidéoclip Dernière Danse

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