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But who is Leary?

Perhaps you knew her as Valérie Boivin? 

You are not crazy. 

During her popular singing studies at Collège Marie-Victorin, she was offered the chance to live the Star Académie experience in 2005. From the height of her 19 years, she plunged head first into what would prove to be the best personal training school never attended. The years that followed will be filled with projects, shows but above all with perseverance, happiness and happy events.

Perhaps some of you will have questions or have difficulty understanding the change that is beginning. This is me talking to you. 

Several years have passed, loves, children, questioning… Years of wondering where the balance is between creativity and family life. To believe that the two are incompatible. The year 2016 begins, the repressed feelings are too strong, why not live the two in parallel! One does not prevent the other. So here I am, my name is Leary. 

''I am a woman, a volcano, a lion, a sensitive being who loves life. I love you people on the street, in your cars, in your shells. Each of you, touch me with your beauty and all of you have something to teach me.  In return, I offer you my vocal cords and the beauty of the emotions that have been offered. All this I have cultivated for you and me.'

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