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Originally from Saguenay, Jamcrew settled in Montreal in 2016 with his passion for music and words in his heart and in his head a single idea: to build a career in Quebec Rap. For about four years, he has been refining his art through the stages of Quebec where he shares an electrifying enthusiasm with the public. In such a short time, he has been able to stand out for his "Oldschool" side, but it is above all his strong presence on stage - the one that gets the crowds going - that has enabled him to forge a name for himself in the Quebec rap industry. His first mixtape, Trafic Lyrical, released in August 2018, was produced, recorded and mixed in collaboration with David St-Onge and Frédéric Piché (D-Cutt Beatz). Twice, he took part in the Enfants de la lune tour, which raises funds for the Fondation Enfant Soleil. He was also present to open for Souldia through its tour of the native reserves of Quebec in 2017. Jamcrew continues to tread the boards of Quebec and surrounds himself with several major personalities in the field such as Sans Pressure and OG Cyrus. His latest single ¨Bypass¨ will also be on his next EP, all produced by Christophe Martin.

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